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1 Sunday of Lent ‘b’

Many of us during this very special time of Lent want to make changes in our lives, and so we make Lenten promises. For example: for the next forty day of Lent, I won’t smoke, I won’t drink any alcohol, I won’t eat sweets, I will exercise daily, I will pray more often, I will spend less time on the Internet, or I will do good things to others. Forty days of good promises, promises that may be beneficial and healthy for ourselves and for others. The most important promises are those that will deepen our relationships with God. Of course, everything would be fine with our keeping them, and they might even be easy to keep if not for temptations. We all have them, and sometimes they are exceedingly strong: maybe I will have just one smoke today, just one last beer, just that one last small candy. Or excuses: the weather is so ugly, I will exercise tomorrow; I am so exhausted for prayer today, I will start tomorrow; and so on. Today in the Gospel we are reminded that Satan is real, and he will always tempt us to break our promises, especially the promises that should bring us closer to God. But we are not alone. Jesus was also tempted by Satan.

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