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11 Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘b’

We all have good friends or family members whom we feel especially comfortable with. There are people or places that, after a busy day of work or school or other daily tasks, you can just relax with them, trust them, and not be worried of any judgment toward you. You don’t need to be ‘official’ anymore, in your role. You can just be yourself, dress comfortably and spend time with people from whom you have nothing to hide. When I read the passage from the Gospel today, it seems to me that Jesus also had people like that. You can almost see Him speaking to the public in parables but then going back home and explaining everything to His closest friends in private. “Without parables he did not speak to them, but to his own disciples he explained everything in private.” I learn today that it is good to have people and places that you can help you relax, trust and enjoy. You don’t always have to look ‘official’.

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