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14 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

Don’t you feel at times that you know Jesus quite well. Most likely, you were baptized as an infant and grew up in a Catholic family. Perhaps you attended Catholic school or Religious Education programs. You know the bible, all the Gospel readings, all the parables and stories. You have heard hundreds of homilies and attended many parish missions. What else can there be new about my religion and about my faith? I think we need to be careful because a similar thing happened to people from Jesus’ native place. He went there to preach, to teach, to perform miracles for them, but because they knew Him too well from His childhood, they rejected Him. They didn’t accept Him as the Son of God. Maybe you know Jesus well, maybe even too well. But try not to make the same mistake that His people did. Try to always welcome Jesus into your life, because He always has something new to offer.

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