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19 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

What do you do if you disagree with someone? What if you don’t like certain rules or changes? With the current Covid situation, there have been many changes in our communities, and not all of them are helpful. With some we disagree; so how do you react? How do you react if you disagree with your pastor, with your boss, with your neighbor, teacher or a spouse? I think it is important and imperative then to be able to have a good dialog, a good conversation with another person. It is important to talk, to ask questions or to find out the reasoning behind certain changes. An honest conversation can change everything or even enlighten us. We may start understanding why is this, this way and not that way. Look what happens in the Gospel for this Sunday: Jesus’ listeners didn’t understand what he was saying. It was difficult to understand or to believe that He is the Bread that came from heaven. So, what do they do? Instead of asking for an explanation, they murmur among themselves. They are limited only to their own reasoning. It is easy to judge or even to criticize without asking for an explanation. We need to talk, we need to be open, we need to ask. Otherwise, if something is hard to understand, we may just shut down with our own anger.

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