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2 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

An interesting request of those two followers of Jesus when Jesus asked them: what are you looking for? They simply said that they would like to know here He was staying. Where are you staying, where do you live, tell me more about yourself, your family and relatives, about the country in which you grew up. That’s how we get to know other people, and if we gain their trust, they will invite us also into their houses and into their lives. We don’t invite strangers into our homes, and we don’t share our inner lives with just anybody. We do, but only with the people that we trust. The disciples gained this trust from Jesus and He invited them to follow Him and He showed them where He was staying. Jesus trusts us in the same way and tells us today, come follow me, I will show you where I am staying. I am inviting you to share my life with yours.

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