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2 Sunday in Ordinary time ‘c’

Can you imagine being invited to a wedding reception as a guest, but then someone asks you to do the dishes, or to serve the tables because they are short on staff? Unthinkable, right? You are there to have fun, to relax, drink, eat, and enjoy, not to work. That’s what I always think of in the narrative of the wedding in Cana in Galilee to which Jesus and His Mother were invited. They are invited as guests, so why should they be concerned about a shortage of wine. That’s why Jesus said to His Mother, when she asked Him to help solve that problem: “Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” We are here to enjoy, not to work! But Mary knew that even though her son wasn’t pleased with the idea, He would listen to her: “Do whatever he tells you.” Mary is the Mother of God and she is also your Mother. That’s why we can intercede through her and ask her to bring our prayers to God. Those who don’t believe that Mary is the Mother of God might ask you why do you pray to Mary? No, we don’t pray to her, but we simply ask her to bring our prayers to her Son, because we know that He will always listen to His Mother.

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