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2 Sunday of Advent ‘c’

Those who don’t believe might say that the whole story of Jesus was made up. They may say that whatever we read in the bible has no historical background nor any proof. But that is not true. Take for example the Gospel reading for today’s 2 Sunday of Advent and read it from the beginning. This reading is about John the Baptist who, as we know, was calling everyone to repentance and preparing the way for the Lord. Again, some may say: this is only a story made up by some people. But notice, there is a lot of very specific information given there. The Gospel tells you exactly when it happened, where it all took place, and even who were the leaders, tetrarchs, kings, and governors at that time. Just read it again, and you will find out how many details and specific information are offered in the account. No, the story of Jesus and John the Baptist wasn’t just made up -- it is proven.

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