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2 Sunday of Lent ‘b’

Today Jesus invites us to dress comfortably, to wear heavy boots, pack an energy bar, and go hiking. Along with Peter, James, and John, we are going to a high mountain to witness Jesus’ transfiguration. The disciples witnessed something extraordinary, the Transfiguration of Jesus. But I think that on that mountain not only was Jesus transfigured, but the disciples also experienced their own transfiguration; they became a new people. What they witnessed, changed them. We do have moments when we feel a real and vivid presence of Christ. It may be during the liturgy, in the words of the bible, in another person, or in a mystical experience during our private prayer. If we do, that should also transfigure us, just like the disciples. They had the experience of being so close to the Transfigured Christ that when they came back down from the mountain, they became a new people, a people of transfiguration. We also need to be a new people, transfigured people.

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