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22 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

Years ago, growing up in Poland, there was no question if I wanted to go to church on Sunday or not. For me and for my friends it was like going to school or eating dinner- church was ‘a must’, no other option, and we lived with this just fine. Not only that, but the church on Sunday was also something very special, and for that occasion I and my brother and sisters and my parents wore a special set of clothes hidden in the closet only for that occasion. The pants, the shirt and the shoes that I wore to church, right after the mass I had to neatly put back into the closet and then change to my regular clothes for play and everyday use. But when I think about this today, even though we all looked clean and neat in the church, there were still many hidden sins inside of us. Because like in most families, there are arguments, fights, vulgar words, lack of respect, and other sins, like laziness, envy, no room for God, bad thoughts and so on. Today in the Gospel Jesus warns the Pharisees and some of the scribes that what is inside of us is the most important. We tend to carefully observe others if they follow the rules and regulations but may not notice the bad things hidden in their or our own hearts. God doesn’t care what clothes we wear or if our body is clean, but God does care about the purity of our hearts.

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