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25 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

Don’t you feel at times that when you pray, your lips are whispering the prayers, but your mind is wandering somewhere else? Or when you read the bible, you read the words, but don’t get the meaning from it. Or maybe at mass, instead of fully participating, your thoughts are far away. I know it happens. It happened to the disciples too, when Jesus was sharing with them the most essential truth about His death and resurrection. But they didn’t really listen. Instead they were thinking and even arguing about which one was the greatest one. I always believe that whenever I want to pay attention to God’s word and to pray to Him, the evil one wants me to be distracted. He also tempted those poor disciples by his distractions. God always wants to talk to us, wants to listen to us, but the evil one would always try to distract us from that. We need to pray to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help us focus on God’s word.

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