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26 Sunday in ordinary time

God doesn’t need our promises; He wants our action. In the parable presented by Jesus for this Sunday, one of the sons made the promise to his father that he would go and work in the vineyard but then he changed his mind and didn’t go. The other son at first said that he would not go, but then he went. I am thinking today about how many promises I have made to God in the past -- I will be better on this and that, I will pray more, I will stop being angry, I will forgive, and so on… but then I forgot to fulfill these promises I made. Maybe sometimes it is better to say ‘no’ but do it anyway, instead of making big promises and then disappoint others or even more importantly, disappoint God. Let as start acting because when we act as Christians, then we are the ones who go and work in Father’s vineyard. This is more valuable than the ones who only make good promises.

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