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28 Sunday in ordinary time

Today, God extends His invitation to all of us, and He invites us to His feast, to His banquet. All of us are invited, but as we all know, some will refuse to come, some will get busy with other activities, and some are still afraid of the virus, and some simply don’t want to be there. But God wants to have His banquet filled up, He wants to feed us with the most satisfying food, and so He doesn’t give up on us. He keeps inviting us. But if you accept that invitation and come to the banquet, you need to do one thing, you need to put on your ‘wedding garment’. Otherwise you will be asked to leave. I think this is what Jesus wanted to tell us in the parable for this Sunday- it is not enough to just show up, to just come in and have some good food, drinks and a good time. If you come to God’s banquet, if you receive His Holy Food, you need to put on a ‘wedding garment’ because from now on, you are a new person. That banquet and that food requires from us to make changes in life, to become new and holy people.

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