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28 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

“What must I do to inherit eternal life?

“Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me." Is that even possible? Isn’t this a little too much? It was way too much for that young man who asked Jesus how he could get to heaven. He went away sad, because he had many possessions. Do we really need to give away everything we have to inherit life eternal? I think what Jesus means is that we need to do more, much more, in life than only follow the commandments, avoid occasions to sin, go to church, pray often, and try to live well. Jesus wants us to act, to go and help others, whenever they need our assistance. Maybe we don’t need to sell everything and give it away. But we need to act when others need our help and our assistance. Go and help others and you will inherit eternal life. You will not inherit it only by your religious practices.

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