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29 Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘c’

Are you praying always without becoming weary? I think at times we all become weary especially in those moments when we don’t hear anything form God, or we don’t get what we ask for. It is easy to give up. However, in our prayer and our faith we can’t give up. Because our prayer is not only a request for what we need, but it is a dialog, a relationship and connection with our God. Satan will tempt you to give up, will be telling you that God doesn’t hear you, that He will not answer you. But we can’t become weary. There is an interesting question at the end of the Gospel reading today: “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Exactly! When the Son of Man comes, and we all know He will come, then -- what will He find? What would He find in you if He came right now? Would He find faith or emptiness because you became weary and gave up on praying and practicing?

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