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3 Sunday of Lent ‘b’

Not very often do we see Jesus like this. We generally have a very different image of Jesus, as loving, carrying, merciful, and peaceful. But in the Gospel for this Sunday, we see an angry Jesus. What made Him so angry that He even used physical force? Unlikely as it may sound, Jesus got so angry because people were disrespecting the house of prayer, the house of God. We don’t want to make Jesus angry, so we need to be respectful in the house of God, namely in our churches. But that’s not all. Each one of us is also a house of God, a temple of the Holy Spirit. So, in the same fashion, we need to treat ourselves and others with respect because God is present. If we disrespectfully make of ourselves a kind of marketplace, having a commercial approach to life, and stuff ourselves with all those things that just clutter our lives, then we too will make Jesus very angry. So, let us make sure to get rid of all that is sinful, so our bodies will become a holy house of God.

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