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  • Fr. Kris

30 Sunday in ordinary time

MT 22:34-40

It is very popular today to live a healthy lifestyle. We try to eat well, try to lose some extra pounds, people exercise more, and they visit a doctor for an annual checkup. It is important to take care of ourselves. Whenever we are cold, we put on a heavier jacket or cover ourselves with an extra blanket. When we are hungry, we cook or go out to eat. All these are simple things, but very important. We want to be well, we want to be happy and healthy. We do that because we love ourselves. Today in the Gospel Jesus tells us that there are two most important commandants to follow: first, we need to love God above everything else and second, we need to love our neighbor as ourselves. I think it is easier to love God, or at least to show our love to God, but it’s much more difficult to show it to people around me, especially to those that I don’t necessary like. But we are asked to love them as we love ourselves, and so if I take good care of myself to stay well, healthy and happy, I need to do the same to each person in my life. How difficult that is!

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