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30 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

How many times have others criticized your faith, or made fun of you because of your prayers and religious practices? The world doesn’t believe in God, and it wants you to be the same -- a nonbeliever. Blind Bartimaeus from the Gospel reading today truly believed that God could help him. He had tremendous faith, and even though others were asking Him to be quiet, to stop calling out to the Lord, he didn’t listen to them. Instead, he prayed and screamed even louder. And because of his faith, he received what he wanted -- he was able to see again. Others may tell you and me to be quiet, to stop praying, to stop practicing our faith. They may try to convince you that God doesn’t listen, or even doesn’t exist. But don’t believe them, and keep trying to be like Bartimaeus, keep praying, keep calling out to the Lord, have faith and God will make miracles happen in your life.

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