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32 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

With the pandemic many people lost their jobs, including some of our parishioners. It became a struggle for them to support their families and pay their bills. Every so often I would receive an envelope with a small donation and a note attached, saying: “father, I used to donate more, but with a current situation and losing my job, this is only what I can give, for now.” I was amazed that in a situation like that, these people even remembered about their church, their place of worship and still tried to support it. This is exactly what that poor widow from the Gospel reading did -- she didn’t have much, but she offered all she could. Jesus praised her because she cared for her temple wholeheartedly, not like those rich people who were contributing from their surplus wealth. And in the end, this story is not about money, but about how much of your life you offer to God. Do you entrust Him with all that you have, or just give Him only some leftovers of your time, only what you have extra? God wants you and me to entrust Him totally, without any reservations.

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