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4 Sunday in ordinary time ‘b’

Mk 1:21-28

Do you remember some of your teachers from your school? I don’t remember all of them, but some of them had a very significant impact on my life. Those were mostly the toughest teachers, those who always pushed me to do more and more. At times, I didn’t necessarily like them, nor agreed with them, because they were very strict and tough. But today I understand and appreciate what they did for me. They cared about my education and the education of my classmates. Jesus taught with authority, the type of authority that his listeners never experienced before. Jesus is our teacher also, and sometimes we might even argue with Him, or we don’t like His teaching and high expectations, or the way He pushes us to do more and to be better people. But one day we will appreciate that He does all this for us. We will always remember Him as our greatest teacher.

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