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4th Sunday of Advent ‘a’

I meet with young couples before they get married, not only to do the paperwork, but just to get to know them -- how did they meet, what do they like to do, and I ask a number of other questions. They are so excited about getting married because they truly love each other. It is a privilege for a priest to be part of that important moment. But it is very sad to hear that the couple that I had prepared and had witnessed their marriage some time ago, ended up divorced or separated. And that happens at times when, after all the emotional love that brought them together, turns into ordinary life, with its problems and challenges. This is not what we expected that our marriage would be -- I hear at times. But perhaps instead of making rush decision about separation, it would be better to pray over it, talk to someone, give it some time. Today in the Gospel reading we look at the earthly father of God, St. Joseph. How puzzled and confused and maybe even angry and disappointed he must have been after hearing that his wife was pregnant. He could have reacted impulsively and just have left her. Instead, he listened to God. We need to learn from this great saint how to listen because that might change a lot of things that seem to go wrong.

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