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5 Sunday of Lent ‘b’

We would like to see Jesus. Show us Jesus. These requests were made by some Greeks that came to Philip, one of Jesus’ disciples, and they wanted to meet Jesus. What’s interesting is that Philip doesn’t go right away. Rather, he seems to be uncertain and so goes to Andrew, and then together they decide to bring the Greeks to Jesus. This made me think that as a baptized Catholic, my role is to bring others to Christ. And it’s possible that no one will come to me with this same request. Yet we all know that there are people who are lost, broken and confused, people who would like to meet Jesus, but don’t know how. They don’t know where to look for Him. So, do I, by my actions, by my way of living, by my love and respect to others, show the best way to Jesus? After reading this Gospel, I realized that I am not always the best disciple and sometime act very slowly, just like Philip.

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