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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday starts with clear instructions for the Season of Lent. Jesus asks us to pray, to fast, and to give alms. He also asks us today not to do these not to impress others, but to deepen our personal relationship with Him. Today we witness many celebrities helping others, offering money to charities, and doing other good works. All this is wonderful, but in many cases, they like to be filmed doing this, or they like to make a big show of their actions. Sometimes on TV or social media, you can see some short movies of someone offering money, food, or clothes to a poor or homeless person on at busy intersection. The action itself is, again, wonderful, but there is no need for recording it, for sharing it on social media, or waiting for people to click ‘like’ under the post. Pray, Jesus tells you today, but not so much to show others how pious you are, but to be with Him. Fast, but not to show how strong a character you have, but to make your spirit even more lively. Give, not to show others how good you are, but give out of love and care for others.

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