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Easter Sunday

When I was in the seminary studying and preparing myself to be ordained, I had to study many different subjects. I must tell you (in secret) that many of the things I have learned, I never really needed in my priestly ministry. But one of the things that I enjoyed learning was the scriptures. I was always interested in the historical background, the geography of the land, and where and how things written in the bible took place. Mainly I wanted to learn what God is trying to tell me through those sacred books. There is always a message for us in the bible, but at times for many reasons we may simply miss it. That’s why even today, I like to think and pray over the readings at mass, to find what God is trying to tell me. Almost each time I find something new. Today, on Easter Sunday the Gospel tells us how difficult it was for the disciples to finally believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, only because they missed that message. They missed what Jesus was telling them all along. We also read: “they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.” Let us pray today for a deeper faith in God’s words and for a deeper understanding of the scripture. Happy Easter!

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