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Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles

Lk 6:12-16

I wonder why, from the many disciples Jesus called to Himself, that He chose only the twelve from that group to be apostles. Why not less, why not more? We don’t know, but that is what He did and the amount He needed. I also wonder how those other disciples reacted when He said that He decided not to choose them? It was like: you and you and you… and as for the rest of you, thanks for your service, but you can go home now? Were they disappointed, probably? But there must have been serious reasons why those twelve and not others. Notice also that from among them, Judas also was chosen, the one who ended up betraying Jesus. I think Jesus wanted to fulfill God’s plan, and that’s why before making those decisions, He spent all night in prayer. He prayed and talked to God His Father the entire night, and then in the morning He called His disciples to tell them what God’s plan was. We too need to pray often and keep asking God what His plan is for you and me. We should pray and talk to God before making any decision in life. Just like Jesus did.

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