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Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

Mt 4:18-22

Simon and his brother Andrew (whose feast day we celebrate today) and then James and John Zebedee’s sons, didn’t ask Jesus to be part of His mission. They didn’t ask for anything – for instance: ‘Master, take us with you! Jesus, can we follow you?’ Nothing like that. But instead, they were noticed and then called by Jesus to follow Him. And what did they do? They literally left everything behind and became His disciples. We are followers of Christ as well, at least we should be, ever since our baptism. But we know that we don’t meet too many people who would come to us and say -- teach me about Jesus! Show me Jesus, or I want to be part of your church. No. But as Christians we have the responsibility to invite others to join our church and to join our Lord. ‘Come and follow me. You will be a great Christian – so, what do you say? Let me tell you more about God and my beliefs. Jesus wants you to be His disciple as well.’ Now, we are responsible to call others to follow Jesus.

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