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Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

Mt 4:18-22

From experts in catching fish, they became experts in catching people. I don’t fish, and so I don’t know all the techniques of catching fish. I don’t know when and where is the best place to fish and what kind of fish to catch. However, I know a lot about photography and different techniques and equipment to be used. We all have our interests, hobbies, and things that we know very well. Some of you might even be experts in certain things -- fixing your car, curing people, in accounting, teaching, sports and in many other areas of interest. But today, we look at those fishermen who left everything behind and followed Jesus to learn all the techniques they would need to bring more people to Christ and to make His Church grow. We are reminded today that we are those who should be ‘catching people’ for Christ. What techniques do you use, if any, to bring more people to Jesus? Do you even remember that it is your mission to take care of this Church and a make it grow and make it stronger? Do you care about those who are away from the Church? Perhaps you need to do something to bring them back, to ‘catch her or him’ for Jesus. As baptized members of the Church, we should be experts in catching people for Christ.

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