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Feast of St. John, Apostle, and evangelist

The feast day of St. John the Apostle -- that ‘other disciple’. But why? Why is he not called by his name, but instead three times calls himself, in the gospel written by himself, ‘the other disciple’? “The other disciple whom Jesus loved”, “the other disciple ran faster”, “the other disciple also went in” -- interesting isn’t? John must have been a very humble man, a man that was able to admit that he was not worthy of Jesus’ love, nor of being Jesus’ disciple. I think that’s why Jesus loved John so much -- because of his humility. Jesus loves humble people and calls us to be humble. John, by his humility, was greatly rewarded. Jesus loved him more than the others. And in the end under the crucifix, John was privileged to take the Virgin Mary to his home as his mother. Let us pray today, asking the Lord to make us His humble disciples.

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