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Friday after Epiphany

Lk 5:12-16

What kind of information do you spread around? Are you able to share with others the joy of the Nativity of Jesus and share your faith, or do you tend to spread misleading information or simply gossip about others? I think these are very important questions to ask ourselves, and I keep asking them myself too. See, it is so much easier to gossip, to talk about unimportant things, to joke and make small talk than talk about Jesus and His power to bring healing, to bring life, forgiveness, and love. We read in the Gospel today that “the report about Jesus spread all the more, and great crowds assembled to listen to him.” We can’t regard Jesus as just a historical figure who was very popular and famous centuries ago because of His extraordinary miracles. Jesus is here and now among us, still performing great miracles. That’s why like those people over 2000 years ago, we need to report about Jesus and His love and great power to this broken world.

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