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Friday after the Epiphany

How many times do we pray asking Jesus for a miracle? Lord, please heal my sick mother; Lord, please make me get that job position; Lord, please help us to fight this pandemic; Lord, please keep my family safe, and so on. Nothing wrong with that, but if something doesn’t go according to our wishes and prayers, we may end up being angry, angry even with God because He didn’t listen to our pleas. But sometimes God’s plan for us is different than our wishes. He knows what the best for us is even if it seems quite dramatic or devastating at times. God always Has a plan for us. There is one thing I learned today from the man in the Gospel who was full of leprosy: he didn’t ask Jesus, ‘Jesus, please make me clean’ but instead he asked: “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.” Only if you wish! Lord, if this is according to your plan, make me clean, but if not, then may your will be done. Lord, if that is your wish, grant me what I keep asking for.

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