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Friday in the Second Week of Christmas ‘a’

Why did Jesus, the Son of God, the One who was perfect, pure, and without any stain of sin ask John to baptize Him? Baptism wipes away our sins and calls us to repentance, so obviously Jesus didn’t need it. I think one of the reasons and a very important one was to show us how significant this sacrament is. Jesus came to us not only to tell us how to live but He showed us how to live and what to do to be saved. Remember when, before last supper, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples? Peter got very reluctant and said --no way, you can’t wash my feet; I’d rather wash yours. Jesus did that to show us that His disciples must be humble and always ready to serve others. Not to be served, but to serve. John the Baptist also got a bit reluctant when Jesus asked him to baptize Him. He said, I need to be baptized by you not the other way around. Jesus teaches us that even His disciple must ask for forgiveness and repentance.

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