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Friday in the Second Week of Christmas ‘b’


We all have certain expectations regarding other people. Many times, we end up being surprised by, for example, a new priest joining our parish. ‘This is not what I had expected of him,’ you may think. I thought he would be younger, or I thought he would be more traditional. Or just like getting a new boss at your workplace, and you similarly might think to yourself - I didn’t expect him or her to be that well off. Nathanael from the Gospel reading for today also had certain expectations about Jesus and about the Messiah. That’s why when Philip tried to convince him that they had found the Messiah, he asked: “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Just like Nathanael, we have certain expectations about other people, but also regarding Jesus. That’s why we may sometimes miss His presence. We may look for the Messiah only in the tabernacles, only in the sacraments and in magnificent cathedrals and basilicas. Indeed, He can be found there. However, He is also present in the poor, lonely, abandoned, and He is present in our neighbor.

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