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Friday of 21 week in ordinary time (St. Monica)

Mt 25:1-13

Do you have enough oil in your flask? This is one more time when Jesus reminds His listeners that He would come at the least expected moment; and if that happens, there will be some people that will not be prepared for His arrival. We better be prepared because if we are not, then Jesus will say to us too: “Amen, I say to you, I do not know you.” So, what would be that flask of oil for us? I believe that we accumulate that oil while we go through life and do good deeds. We collect that oil when we love, when we respect, when we care, when we pray, when we receive the Eucharist and while doing many other good actions. If we live our lives like that, then we will never be short of that oil. We will always have enough of it especially when the Lord comes to us.

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