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Friday of the 1 week in the ordinary time 'b'

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Mk 2:1-12

We don’t know who the four men that brought the paralytic man to Jesus were, but we can tell that they very much cared about their sick friend. Because of their help he was restored to full health, and on top of that Jesus forgave him all his sins. Even today Jesus offers healing to His people, and He is able to forgive us our sins. That also happens in the sacrament of the sick, the sacrament of the anointing. But just like that poor paralytic who was unable to come before Jesus on his own, many of our brothers and sisters are unable to come to church and ask for that sacrament. Perhaps it is our call to bring Jesus to them, so he may heal them. Let us think today of someone that we may know that may need that special sacrament of healing. Maybe on their behalf we can ask the priest to come and visit and bring them to Jesus.

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