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Friday of the 13 week in ordinary time ‘b’

There is way too much competition in our world. Competition between companies, car manufacturers, electronics, and all kinds of other products. Naturally, there is competition in sports, and those who are the best get the highest prizes, nothing wrong with that. There is also competition between countries, nations, races. Just name it, and you probably could find competition everywhere, even between churches. Competition is not an evil, but sometimes it may lead to wrong actions. There also times when people think that they need to compete in being better, or holier, in order to be closer to Jesus. There is a tendency to think that Jesus is my prize for my goodness and holiness, but that is confused thinking. Read the Gospel for today where Jesus is being accused of associating with sinners. How unthinkable! Why would He sit at the same table with those bad people? And so, Jesus explains: I didn’t come only to good and holy people, but especially to those who need me and my healing. We shouldn’t compete about who is better, holier, or who knows more and says better prayers, or who deserve the best pews in the church. We need to embrace everyone, especially those who are sinners.

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