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Friday of the 2 week in ordinary time ‘b’

It is like creating a sport team, whether it’s for baseball, football, hockey, volleyball or soccer, the couch is looking for the best players. And those who want to be part of that team need to work very hard and prove to the coach that he or she won’t be disappointed in choosing them. It is not an easy task for the coach. There’s a lot of thinking, analyzing, and watching the athletes in order to create the strongest team. I am sure Jesus also struggled to create the best team of disciples, those who would continue His work. He wanted to have a very strong team of twelve. To do that, He went away and prayed and analyzed about who would be a part of His team. Who would become the best player? I am thinking today that if Jesus were to select me to be on His team, am I strong enough, do I work hard to prove that He won’t be disappointed in me?

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