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Friday of the 26 week in ordinary time (Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels)

MT 18:1-5, 10

Today I’m thinking about all those people who somehow take advantage of the trust of children and hurt them in some ways. It is heartbreaking hearing about the situation when the vulnerable child is hurt or abused. I can’t even watch the pictures coming from the poorest countries in this world when they are showing starving children. It is so hard to see scenes like that and not be able to help. There are also situations when the children are hurt or abused in our communities and we may not hear about that, so we can’t help them. Or even here in our cities, when children are being shot or killed in our midst. And so, Christ is reminding us today, that the little children are most important to Him and He will always watch over them and those who abuse their trust will be judged accordingly.

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