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Friday of the 27 week in ordinary time

LK 11:15-26

I have to admit that sometimes I become suspicious of other people’s good deeds. Maybe that happens with you too sometime. Let me explain. When I hear about someone that offered an enormous amount of money to feed the hungry, for example, I am tempted to think that that person has so much money that it is easy for him or her to give away so much. Or if someone does something good to another, it is easy to fall into thinking that for example he or she does it for their own fame and popularity. And sometimes that may be the case, but most of the time people do these things out of pure love for others. What Jesus did for people was not because He wanted to be popular, but because He loved and cared for every human being. Today Jesus is accused that “by the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons, he drives out demons.” They simply couldn’t believe that He would do an act of kindness out of pure love. By their own jealousy they kept accusing Him. Jesus, make us believe in other people’s pure love for others.

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