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Friday of the 28 week in ordinary time

In the midst of these difficult times that we now live in, during a pandemic, social injustice, discrimination, a lack of peace, and the stirrings of fear for tomorrow, Jesus brings us very comforting words. He tells us today: Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of those who kill the body; there is much more to life. All of these difficulties will cease one day, and we will leave this insecure world because we don’t belong here, we belong to Christ. And Christ reassures us today that each one of us is very important to Him, more important than anything else. I personally find this Gospel very comforting because it reassures me that I am someone very important to God. Even if this world will totally turn upside down and even if the world forgets about me, I know I have a God who remembers me always and one day He will bring me lasting comfort and peace.

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