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Friday of the 29 week in ordinary time

We live in times during which we can get any information we need almost right away. Because of the Internet, computers and especially smartphones which almost each one of us is carrying in their pocket right now, we can check the weather for the weekend, we can check the scores of the games and check the traffic. This is very helpful for us. In Jesus’ days, people didn’t have that technology, but still many of them were able to predict the weather by observing the sky, the wind and the cycles of nature. So, in the gospel reading for today, Jesus accuses them of being so smart and possessing so much knowledge of this world to even predict the future, but not smart enough to interpret the present time. They were still waiting for the promised Messiah but were not able to recognize that the Messiah was already among them. We too may have all kinds of knowledge and technology to predict the future, but sometimes we are unable to interpret the present time and to see the real presence of Christ in other persons, in the Bible and in the sacraments. He wants us to know that He is here, present with us, right now, in this moment.

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