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Friday of the 3 week of Easter 'b'

The Jews quarreled among themselves…” Today’s Gospel starts with these words- quarreled among themselves. Why didn’t they just approach Jesus and ask Him? They simply couldn’t understand what Jesus was saying to them, so instead of asking Him openly, they quarreled among themselves; they simply gossiped. How about us? Are we courageous enough to ask in times when we don’t understand something, or do we just quarrel among ourselves? If you are not happy, or you disagree with changes or whatever is going on at your parish or at your church, or at work, or in your association, or local community, then what do you do? Do you gossip, quarrel, spread wrong and misleading ideas to others? Or are you able to openly ask important questions, to talk to you pastor, to ask the principal, your friend of your wife or husband, ask your boss or any leader, and say: I don’t understand, why this or why that? Jesus doesn’t want us to quarrel among ourselves; He wants us to ask if we don’t understand.

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