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Friday of the 30 week in ordinary time

LK 14:1-6

Every so often someone in the church would approach me and ask: Father, why did you use that prayer but not the one that we know so well? Or, Father, I visited another church last weekend and the priest there wore a cassock, but you don’t? Yes, people observe us carefully and I think this is always a great opportunity for explaining many things. But we also observe others: what do they wear, how do they talk, how do they pray? A long time ago, people also observed Jesus carefully but most times not to learn from Him, but to catch Him doing something wrong, according to them. We read in the Gospel for today that they observed Him to see if He would heal the person on the Sabbath day or not, just so they could accuse Him of working on a holy day. And so, Jesus uses this opportunity to teach them an important lesson. Let us observe Jesus carefully, we too to see his reaction, but not to argue with Him, but simply to learn from Him how to be a good Christian.

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