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Friday of the 33 week in ordinary time

LK 19:45-48

Many of us have returned to worship here in our church, but, because of the Covid, the situation looks very different now: we are wearing masks and sanitizing our hands; there are assigned seats in the church, and a number of different procedure regarding receiving Holy Communion. All of these things can bring a lot of distractions and maybe even anger within us. It may be more difficult to focus on prayer, it may be harder to concentrate. But we can’t forget that this house is a house of prayer. In the Gospel reading for today, Jesus reminds us that there is no other purpose for the church except to pray and to be with God, and to listen to Him. Let us therefore put aside all the distractions, all the questions we may have as to why we do this or that. Let us not look at other people and let us put aside all anger we may have, and instead try to focus only on God and His words.

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