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Friday of the 4 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Make sure to be careful before making any promises. I think this is what I learned from the Gospel reading for today. Herod made a promise to his daughter: “Ask of me whatever you wish and I will grant it to you.” But he didn’t expect that, instead of asking for material things, she would ask for the head of John the Baptist, only because her mother told her to. Others expect from us that we keep the promises we make, and this is understandable. It is not good if someone breaks a promise or doesn’t fulfill the promise once made. That’s why it is always good to take some time and think if I am able to keep the promise that I am about to make. We don’t want others to be disappointed or to not trust us anymore. Herod was sorry that he made the promise. And yes, he did keep his promise, but that wasn’t the promise that he wanted to fulfill.

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