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Friday of the 4 week of Advent ‘c’

I think we all disagree or even wrestle a little with God at times. It is when life doesn’t go according to our plans. Then we may end up asking: God why didn’t you listen to me? Where were you when I needed you? Even Zachariah argued with God regarding the name of his son. But in the end, he trusted that God knows what the best was for Zachariah and for his family. Zachariah understood that his son John would be the chosen one who would prepare the way for the Lord. Even though he may have had different plans and struggled with God a bit, in the end he understood. That’s why he is praising God in his beautiful canticle. We too may wrestle with God a little, but we should look at Zachariah today and learn from Him that God may have a better plan for us, much better. One day we will understand and praise God for that.

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