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Friday of the 5 week of Easter ‘b’

Jn 15:12-17

There are so many choices we can make, and we do make choices each moment of our lives without even thinking. Choices like what to cook for dinner, or what prayer to say today, or what store to go to, what book to read, what movie to watch. Or larger and more important choices that will impact the future: what school to choose, what profession, or which girl or boy do I like and want to spend the rest of my life with, or maybe a possible vocation to priesthood or religious life. We are constantly making choices, but one choice is not up to us. Jesus said: “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.” Just think about that. Daily we make so many choices, but when it comes to Christ, it is not that we chose Him, but He chose us. Isn’t this wonderful? Jesus chose you, He chose me, despite our weaknesses and sins and unfaithfulness. He loves me and loves you, and so He chose us. Even if you choose not to believe in Him, He still loves and chooses you.

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