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Friday of the 5 week of Lent ‘b’

Some of the Jews became so furious because Jesus was correcting them. They wanted to throw stones at Him because He was telling them that He is the Son of God and that they still refuse to believe it. I am thinking today about the moments when someone corrects me and corrects my actions. I know one person for a long time and I always called her Joanne, until she corrected me and said, my name is not Ann, my name is Dorothy. Or when I am so convinced that I pronounce a certain word correctly, but someone corrects me and tells me that the word is pronounced differently. Don’t you have moments like that when others correct you? Mother-in-law corrects your baking or cooking or the way you raise your children. Or your father tells you that this is not the way you should be working on your plumbing. Well, you get the idea. How do we react when we are being corrected, sometimes rightly but sometimes not? I too get angry, maybe embarrassed, or I disagree. I need to work on this and be humbler, especially when I am being corrected by Jesus.

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