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Friday of the 7 week of Easter ‘b’

It can be annoying when you need to repeat the same thing to someone over and over. It happens quite often with the children – we end up saying: do this or do that, many, many times throughout the day but nothing – no response, they don’t listen. Or maybe your elderly father doesn’t hear very well, and you need to repeat in a louder voice something you just said to him. But there are also times when we actually like to repeat the same things over and over or to hear them said to us… things like --- I enjoy being with you, I miss you, I love you, or you are a good person, I can trust you, and so on. When there is someone important in our lives, we don’t mind reminding them how meaningful their presence is for us. Jesus also wants to be that very important person to us, and He would like us to repeat often how much we love Him, and how we miss Him and care about Him. That’s why Peter had to repeat three times that He truly loved Jesus. Let us pray often and tell Jesus that we love Him.

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