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Friday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

People travel to distant places to admire majestic basilicas, cathedrals, and very old temples. I myself have seen many beautiful places like that. But because of the beauty of the architecture of those places, we may forget why they were built in the first place -- they were raised up to worship God. Yet sometimes in these elaborate churches, it is even hard to locate the tabernacle because of the overwhelming number of other decorations, little chapels, statues, and paintings. In some of those places, I have even seen signs like: ‘tabernacle this way’. At times is easy to forget that the church is a house of God. We tend to be so focused on the decorations, having a perfect liturgy, the quality of preaching, music, rubrics, rules, and regulations which are all important. But we may forget that something “greater that the temple is here” -- Christ is here, the living God, and everything else we do should bring us closer to Him, not destract us from our focus on God.

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