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Friday of the First Week of Advent ‘a’

“Let it be done for you according to your faith” -- according to your faith, not according to your wish, not according to your request, not according to your dreams, but according to your faith. Those two blind men from the Gospel reading today asked Jesus to help them by restoring their vision. But before Jesus performed that miracle, He asked them a very essential question: “Do you believe? Do you believe that I can do this?” I wonder what would happen if those blind men had said: We are not sure, but you are the last hope for us, or, No we don’t believe. Probably they would remain blind for the rest of their lives. Faith is a key. God wants us to have faith, despite all the difficulties and challenges of this life. We may have big plans, dreams, wishes, but if we don’t have faith, God will not act in our lives. Let us pray for an increase of our faith.

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