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Friday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time ‘b’


Every profession requires certain skills and qualifications. Nobody would give you a chance to play in a professional football team if you didn’t prove that you knew how to play, that you were strong enough, young enough, and so on. You also won’t be hired in any hospital as a nurse without finishing proper schooling and having all the documentations and qualifications. Otherwise it would be a disaster. However, you and I don’t need any special qualifications to become Jesus’ disciple, to spread the word about Him, to bring love to others. God gives us all the chance and calls us to be His disciples -- young and old, well-educated and those without not much knowledge nor skills, God gives the chance even to the sinners. He doesn’t judge us according to our skills nor qualifications but gives us each a chance. Just like in the gospel reading for today- He calls His first twelve disciples who were simple men, without much knowledge nor education. He even called the sinner who betrayed Him. Jesus could choose scholars of the law, well-educated theologians, powerful and talented people, but because He chose those simple and sinful men, He is showing us that we are all called to continue His mission.

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